5:07 AM drunk as fuck and I have to work at 4 PM tomorrow. Hope I’m not hung over…

Haven’t really hung out with all guys before. But the main conversation that was had was whether or not you would want to know the other guy in a three way with a chick. Hahaha interesting.


You have been kicking me in the ass for the past year and a half to go back to school, and now that I’m thinking about it it’s too expensive. Ugh.

Mama convinced, now I just have to wait to talk to my dad.

Stoner Fail #2



For stoners even the simplest task can become the biggest challenge.

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She bout to get her ass beat


She bout to get her ass beat



I swear that when our lips touch, I can taste the next 60 years of my life.

Words of Emotion

"Anonymous" you pussy bitch, come back and say something. I want to know if it was you or not.

Sometimes i am Bob, sometimes i am Linda.